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If you’re looking for additional storage space on your property, you should consider one of the pre-engineered metal buildings at American Freedom Buildings. We offer pre-engineered metal buildings in a variety of sizes that you can customize to meet your needs.

A range of materials can be used for a pre-engineered metal building, but one of the best options is steel, which is designed to provide lasting stability.

When you work with American Freedom Buildings, you’ll have a nearly limitless variety of pre-engineered steel buildings to choose from.

Uses for Metal Buildings

One of the reasons people buy pre-engineered metal buildings is that spending more on high-quality building materials now results in savings down the road. When you buy a pre-engineered metal building from us, it’s sure to last!

Many larger businesses use steel to save money, and you can find similar savings when you choose steel for pre-engineered buildings on your own property.

There are a number of uses for a steel building. You may need extra storage on your property for garden equipment or recreational equipment. You could also use a storage building as an additional workshop. If you own a farm, it may be the perfect place to store your farm equipment for the next year.

Whatever the purpose, we offer a variety of designs and sizes to fit your desires.

Metal Buildings Engineered To Last

At American Freedom Buildings, you will find the perfect metal building or steel structure at a great price, including Commercial & Residential Metal Buildings.

These custom metal buildings are used for multiple purposes such as additional storage, vehicles, workplaces, barndos, metal homes, garages, commercial buildings, and to protect your valuable assets.

We understand the value of our customers’ needs when purchasing a metal structure, and we ensure our customers get the perfect metal building with customization and color options. Of all the different structures that can be used for outdoor storage and other purposes, almost nothing beats prefabricated metal buildings. These steel structures can be as small as 12’ wide and as large as 70’ wide.

With hundreds of custom options for metal buildings, we are not limited to roof styles or color choices. Make the call, and one of our experienced Construction Experts will get you covered with the best solution.

Ordering a Metal Building

American Freedom Buildings has a vast array of pre-engineered metal buildings for sale. Our wide selection allows you to choose a building that will fit your needs. You will also want to carefully consider how you are going to use the building. If you plan on expanding your workshop in the future or if you think you will eventually need more storage space, you may want to order a slightly larger building to accommodate your changing needs. Expanding a metal building is no problem with the custom design options from American Freedom Buildings.

You can choose from several styles and sizes for your steel building. Our software system lets us customize your building to any size, shape and style. We also have numerous paint color options, allowing you to choose a building that will match the existing structures on your property. In addition, roof style, window and door type customization are also available.

It’s important to find a building that will fit your needs. If you have any questions about the types of buildings we offer or the different ways that you can customize the building, don’t hesitate to call or stop in to our new showroom. We’d be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about our pre-engineered metal and steel buildings.

Steel Building Warranty

When you buy a steel building or enclosed garage from American Freedom Buildings, you get a 40-Year Valspar WEATHERXL™ paint warranty on your metal panels, which are a Class 4 UL Rated Product.

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Metal Building Roof Styles

Metal buildings have three types of roof styles, each with its own unique advantage for your structure.

Vertical Roof Style

Perfect for heavy snowfall or rain, our vertical roof is the top-of-the-line in metal building roof styles. It is recommended for any building longer than 36’. This roof style has sheet panels that run vertically from the top to the eaves, with a ridge cap to cover the panel joints at the peak of the building. The vertical roof style is A-frame, but the panels are placed vertically, making it the best choice for areas that experience heavy snow. The vertical roof is grooved to allow dirt and precipitation to exit off the sides. With vertical panels, snow won’t over-accumulate, as it slides down easily off the roof.

(Please note*: we do not provide warranty over 30’)

A-Frame Roof Style

The A-frame roof style is also referred to as a boxed-eave style; this roof style has an A-frame structure with horizontal panels that run from front to back. This A-frame roof design is good for areas that can receive some moderately bad weather, but it’s not recommended for heavy snow and wind protection. The architecture style is reminiscent of classical American design.

(Please note*: we do not provide warranty over 30’)

Regular Roof Style

This is the most economical option of roof style for steel structures and is a popular choice for many residential and agricultural buildings. This roof has curved edges with sheet panels that run horizontally from front to back. In regular roof buildings, bow trim covers the bended transitions of the legs and roof bows. If you don’t see heavy snow or wind in your region, this regular roof style is a cost-effective solution for your parking or storage utilities.

(Please note*: we do not provide warranty over 30’)

Metal Building Sizes

  • We offer steel structures or buildings of any size to fit your needs

  • Building width size starts at a standard width of 12’ and we can build it as wide as you need with the proper support

  • Any building wider than 32’ will require a lift at the installation site

  • Industry standard length for a building is 21’, but we can customize the length starting from 21’ and extending the length by 5’ framing increments

  • We can customize the height of your prefab metal building structure from 6’ up to 14’. Some manufacturers offer 20’ high side walls, so check with our team of customer service representatives to learn about the height available in your area

  • Any custom metal building 14’ tall must be 18’ or wider

Metal Building Colors

We offer a wide selection of metal building color options for you to choose from.

You can also opt for a two-tone color scheme to help create an even better visual blend with your other surrounding buildings.

You can customize the color of your roof, side panels, wainscot, and trim of your structure.

How Custom Metal Buildings Better Stand Against High Flood

Custom metal buildings have advantages over other types of construction, especially when exposed to floods. High quality metal is unaffected by flooding.

Metal buildings are often found still standing after floods and are mold resistant.

Metal is also resistant to corrosion because steel doesn’t break down in excessively moist environments. Since metal buildings do not contain wood, where mold thrives, mold is eliminated.

When wooden buildings are exposed to flooding, they rot and all the wood has to be replaced. Since metal sheets do not absorb moisture, they do not weaken or rot. When water gets into wood, below the surface where paint has been applied, it warps and rots, which severely damages the surface. With metal, the underlayers are unharmed, and the surface layer of paint remains undisturbed. A wooden home would need to have wood replaced and repaired.

However, when you choose to build a metal or steel home, you can be sure that it won’t require heavy maintenance and will last for more than 50 years.

You can customize all types of metal buildings with us. We understand our customers’ metal building requirements and our experts will guide you through the process.

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With our exclusive 3D Metal Building Designer, you not only get to customize your metal building, but you get to adjust the price too, to your budget! These metal buildings have the competitive pricing in the industry, are practically maintenance-free and serve as the stronger alternative to traditional metal buildings. With our 3D designer, you can let your imagination run free as we turn your ideas into the perfect custom metal building!

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