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From a standard metal garage to steel industrial buildings, we can customize almost any steel structure to meet your needs.

At American Freedom Buildings, we offer a wide range of durable metal buildings including carports, garages, barns, and commercial structures. Explore our wide range of gauge options, roof styles, and siding styles, designed with premium materials to withstand time and the elements. Discover your building solution with American Freedom Buildings today.

American Steel

By design, steel buildings can easily be built upon for expansion in the future. Their construction is streamlined to be as cost-effective and labor-saving as possible.

American Freedom Buildings uses 2 types of steel in the metal buildings offered; Red Iron and Galvanized Steel.

BOTH metal types are structurally sound, and weather-resilient, there are key differences between Red Iron Steel and Galvanized Steel to consider.

Red Iron

Red Iron is a durable, strong and economical choice for consumers.

Furthermore, Red Iron is more structurally versatile and uses fewer legs/columns than galvanized steel, because the heavier metal alloy means that you need less of it to achieve the same structural integrity.

This also means you can do fancier and taller building designs than galvanized.

Panels & Trim

American Freedom Buildings has the ability to offer any trim, from traditional to custom-designed, for all your metal building components.

Stop by or send us a picture with your dimension and we can make it. Trims are available in many colors from our Valspar WEATHERXL™ line.

Galvanized Steel

At American Freedom Buildings, we offer 14 gauge and 12 gauge heavy duty steel siding options, as well as Square Galvanized Steel Tubing for our metal buildings. Select from these options to ensure a durable, weather-resistant structure tailored to your specific needs and conditions.

12 gauge

12 gauge steel buildings offer superior durability and strength, ideal for regions with extreme climates.

However, this higher quality comes at a higher cost and may be excessive for more temperate climates.

Weigh the benefits of longevity and resilience against your budget and environmental needs.

14 gauge

14 gauge metal constructions offer durability at an affordable price.

They provide reasonable strength for small to medium-sized structures and effectively withstand daily wear and tear.

However, for regions with extreme weather conditions or larger buildings, a thicker gauge such as 12 may be more suitable to improve structural integrity and resiliency.

Square Galvanized Steel Tubing

14 gauge 2.5"x2.5" OR 12 Gauge 2 1/4" x 2 1/4"

29 or 26 gauge for paneling

Galvanized steel generally uses less concrete

Roof Styles

American Freedom Buildings offers various roof styles to withstand different weather conditions while ensuring an attractive appearance. Choose from our range of strong and versatile metal roofs for your carports, garages, barns or commercial buildings to perfectly suit your aesthetic and functional needs.


Our "regular style" metal carport, introduced over 24 years ago, provides an economical, long-lasting shelter with an attractive curved roof. Designed for efficient rainwater drainage, it offers long-lasting protection for your vehicles.

Boxed Eaves

Our metal box eave canopies offer a traditional A-frame style, combining cost-effectiveness with aesthetics. Ideal for providing cover, shelter and shade, whilst improving the look of your property.


Opt for our vertical roof style carport for unmatched strength and durability. With the roof panels aligned from peak to eaves, it allows efficient runoff of water, snow and debris, preventing rust and improving longevity.

Siding Styles

American Freedom Buildings offers horizontal and vertical cladding options for our metal buildings. Choose based on your aesthetic preferences and weather resistance needs to create your ideal structure.

Horizontal coating

Horizontal cladding brings a classic aesthetic to metal buildings while being cost effective. It removes water efficiently, but over time it can accumulate dirt in lower areas. While easy to install, the presence of seams can lead to moisture penetration if not properly maintained. This style of siding offers a balance between charm, economy and practicality.

Vertical cladding

Vertical metal building cladding offers modern aesthetics and efficient water drainage, reducing the chance of rust and damage.

However, it may require professional installation due to its alignment and may be slightly more expensive than horizontal siding.

Despite these disadvantages, its durability and easy maintenance make it a popular choice for many.

American Freedom Buildings is your one-stop online shop for all your building and storage needs, from carports to garages to barns to custom sheds and cabins!

We've got you covered!

Buying from us supports our steel industry and keeps Americans working.

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