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Whether you’re looking for a luxurious vacation home for your ranch or a small cabin for your family, we’ve got a high-quality cabin for you! We have a variety of styles, from rustic to modern farmhouse, and everything in between. We customize any floor plan to meet your needs, giving you that custom home experience.

Small homes, tiny houses, or cabins, these pier and beam portable buildings are ready to move in, for people wanting a living space less than 1200 square feet.

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Beautiful, Customizable Small Homes,

Tiny Houses & Cabins

Our small homes, tiny houses and cabins are a wonderful way to buy a new home, whether you’re looking for a luxury hunting cabin or a unique primary residence.

We have a variety of styles, from rustic to modern farmhouse, and everything in between.

We customize any floor plan to meet your needs, giving you that custom home experience.

Our process offers the quality of a traditional home, without all the hassles and weather related delays commonly associated with site built homes.

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Common Features of Small House Plans

Not every small house plan is created alike. Unlike many other styles such as ranch style homes or colonial homes, small house plans have just one requirement: the total square footage should run at or below 1000 square feet in total. Some builders stretch this out to 1,200, but other than livable space, the sky's the limit when it comes to designing the other details of a tiny home.

This means that if you’re an eco-conscious family, you can opt to put in compost toilets. Or, if you prefer A-frame style houses, then you’ll need to install a loft to divide sleeping areas between parents and kids.

Spaces within a small house floor plan really promote innovation — it’s surprising how a kitchen island on wheels, for example, can transform into a dining table. Small or tiny house floor plans feature compact exteriors.

Their inherent creativity means you can choose any style of home and duplicate it in miniature proportions. Colonial style designs, for example, lend themselves well to the tiny house orientation because of their simple, rectangular shape.

However, the exteriors can also be designed according to more modern sensibilities, which often feature flat, seam metal roofs, concrete columns, large, wraparound glass windows, and pre-engineered wood trusses.

Small or tiny houses also work well with the A-frame, a popular minimalist choice for individuals who like plenty of sunshine streaming through their tiny houses.

Small, A-frame houses often feature a striking, sloped roofline, impressive stone chimneys, wide porches or wrapping decks, and an upstairs area that is open-to-below.

The interiors of a small house are as open to interpretation as the exteriors.

Because of the confines around square feet, the interiors usually feature open concept floor plans — such as a master bedroom and flows directly into the master ensuite with no door — or a kitchen that combines the open floor living room area with a small breakfast nook providing a break.

If there are hallways, these spaces include furniture that can double up or provide a functional transition.

Many small house floor plans only feature one floor. However, families who want a bit more space, or those who prefer a physical division, can adopt home plans that include an upper level or a basement level.

Why so many people are looking to live small

If you're on social media, you've probably seen posts of people living in RVs or tiny homes. Small living spaces and minimalism are an ever-growing trend, especially since it's easier to declutter and refresh your space for a new season.

If you're inspired to hop on the movement, you'll be amazed at these tiny homes for sale you can purchase online and have delivered right to your front door.

Tiny houses and cabins aren't only popular for their small structure (although some you can't help but find cute). They make great guest cottages, pool houses and garden sheds.

Build them in your backyard and use them as a mini-vacation away from the kids. Those looking to retire can have a small home in a loved one's backyard.

And if your children want to experience life away from home without the pressure of truly being abroad, they can test out the adult life with a small-scale unit in your backyard.



2 BR/2 BA

18′ X 59′ = 1,062 Square Feet

Our newest finished cabin model. Named after Mr. James Campbell himself.


2 BR/2 BA

18′ X 60′ = 1,080 Square Feet

Home Office / Guest House

Office or 1 BR/1 BA

14′ X 24′ = 336 Square Feet

Introducing the perfect solution to a new problem many of us have. With the pandemic and state of our country, many are now having to work remotely from home. Our new home office / guest house fits those needs perfectly. This little jewel is just right for that home office or it also makes a cute little guest house. Let your creations run wild with our newest addition.


1 BR/1 BA

18′ X 44′ = 792 Square Feet

The Rodeo offers 792 living space that includes a dining porch off the kitchen area. Perfect for morning cup of coffee or evening glass of wine. As one would expect it comes complete with barn doors that make a rustic statement in the bedroom. This 1 bedroom 1 bath is efficient but spacious.


2 BR/2 BA

18′ X 54′ = 972 Square Feet

Our newest model featuring built in oven that is convenient height, beautiful cooktop and side by side refrigerator with plenty of cabinets. All of these add up to a dream kitchen with separate dining space opening to the living area. With total living space of 972 square feet this floorplan offers 2 bedrooms 2 baths plus a utility room.


1 BR/1 BA

16′ x 44′ = 704 Square Feet

The newest addition is the 704 square foot building we like to call the Bluebird. This beauty is a one bed one bath that is fashioned with two twin bunk bed sections, that includes its own kitchen, dining area, and bathroom. Its mono-slope roof also gives it a much more modern and sharp look.

Dreamcatcher 2

2 BR/2 BA

18′ X 64′ = 1,152 Square Feet

This 1152 square foot two bedroom two bath cabin offers all the comforts of home such as full size washer and dryer, kitchen island, walk-in master closet, bonus room and much more. The outside features natural cedar accents that gives curb appeal new meaning. The transom windows provide natural light that gives the home a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Cottage Rose

1 BR/1 BA

18′ X 40′ = 720 Square Feet

Our newest cabin!


2 BR/ 2 BA

18′ X 62′ = 1,116 Square Feet

The newest addition to our cabin line features a mono-slope roof design and a wainscot cedar exterior front giving the home a modern look with a lot of interesting textures. Inside, the single slope translates into living spaces illuminated with light from the large transom windows. The master bath suite includes double sinks, a six foot soaker tub, large glass shower, and a walk-in closet.


3 BR/2 BA

18′ X 66′ = 1,188 Square Feet

Spacious is the word for this beautiful home. The open feel of the main living area plus 3 bedrooms and 2 baths is truly comfort at its best. Tons of kitchen cabinets, side by side washer and dryer, and a super large hall closet all make up this home’s inviting atmosphere.

Cedar View 3

3 BR/2 BA

18′ X 64′ = 1,152 Square Feet

The small windows placed just under the ceiling add a very interesting design element allowing sunlight to enter and highlighting the raised ceiling. This beautiful family home features a large kitchen counter height island that seats six.

Cedar View

2 BR/2 BA

18′ X 52′ = 936 Square Feet

You will love how the high ceiling in the living area make the space feel so grande. The upper windows really brighten up the interior. The beauty gives new meaning to living large.

Two Step

2 BR/2 BA

16′ X 52′ = 832 Square Feet

The U shaped kitchen with a bar that opens to the living room is perfect for family gatherings.


1 BR/1 BA

18′ X 48′ = 864 Square Feet

Cathedral ceilings in the living area flowing into the dining and kitchen areas create a spacious entrance. Vaulted ceilings in the bonus room and bath slope to high windows that illuminate the cabin with natural light. The master bedroom is roomy with enough space for a king bed plus extras and the closet is to die for spanning 12 feet wide with barn doors.


1 BR/1 BA

18′ X 46′ = 828 Square Feet

A spinoff of the Water’s Edge(kitchen) and the Bluebonnet(bed and bath).


1 BR/1 BA

18′ X 44′ = 792 Square Feet

This unique cabin sports the largest walk-in closet of any of our models. It’s HUGE! The kitchen and dining area are loaded with extras including a nine foot island.

Blue Bonnet

1 BR/1 BA

16′ X 46′ = 736 Square Feet

This perfect rustic, yet refined is ready for you to relax and have fun. With a great open living space, this charming cabin comes loaded with extras. It is beautifully efficient.


1 BR/1 BA

16′ X 40′ = 640 Square Feet

The front porch welcomes you with open arms on this adorable cabin. The high barn style roof and ceiling with recessed lighting makes this one of our most efficient and best selling options.


1 BR/1 BA

18′ X 30′ = 540 Square Feet

The Veranda name says it, with the porch extending the length of the front. This cabin makes a perfect studio style living space featuring a full bath with an under counter washer/dryer combo and a walk-in closet.

Corner Suite

1 BR/1 BA

14′ X 30′ = 420 Square Feet

This petite cabin was designed for the mother-in-law home but is also perfect for a guest house, hunting camp, or a bed and breakfast unit.


1 BR/ 3/4 BA

14′ X 26′ = 364 Square Feet

This efficiency cabin is perfect for workforce housing, guest quarters, or a retreat in the woods. A kitchen and 3/4 bath are included. This one is shown with optional tree posts.


2 BR/ 1 BA

18′ X 48′ = 864 Square Feet

The perfect budget cabin. This makes a great rental or camp.

Chaparral 2

2 BR/ 2 BA

18′ X 56′ = 1008 Square Feet

The Chaparral II is the smaller sibling to the Chaparral. You get 2 bedrooms and still keep the side by side washer and dryer. Chaparral II is now the largest 2 bedroom 2 bath model.


2 BR/ 1 BA

14′ X 42′ = 588 Square Feet

This unit makes an excellent starter home or rental option. It has everything you need at a price you can afford.

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